Chin Massage Device

The chin massage device is intended to help those with soft tissue build-up under the jaw line to get their profile and chin back. It is also believed (although not tested)that by eliminating soft tissue build-up around the neck, breathing passage area may assist those with aggressive snoring disorders.

Full Description:
Chin massage device is disclosed including a flexible belt arranged to manipulate the internal tissues of an under-chin area by externally engaging the under-chin area of a user, a reciprocating-belt mover arranged to move the flexible belt in forward and reverse directions during external engagement of the under chin area via the flexible belt , an electrically-powered driver arranged to drive the reciprocating- belt mover, and a support frame arranged to support the flexible belt, the reciprocating-belt mover, and the electrically-powered driver in an operable relationship , the support frame having a base portion arranged to stabilize the support frame on a supportive surface during use.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Double chin

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Invention #12185
Date posted: 2017-05-10

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