Smart Audio Note Pad

Most important breakthrough since the tape recorder for home and/or office audio note-message recording! Improves and fosters better communications between household members, family, relatives and or office/co-workers. Also functions as a self reminder. A dedicated, advanced, stand-alone audio note-message recording device.

Full Description:
Smart Audio Note Pad, Smart Audio Notes Recording Software System, Smart Audio Time Capsule 2 of 3

* Opens up a brand new niche market of home/office audio
recording devices!
* Saves Time! Saves Money! Labor Saving Device!
* Reduces non-urgent cell calls, phone calls, emails.
* Provides a central location for all household/office
audio note-message recording and playback
* Automatic operation, fast, easy, convenient!
* Provides an intelligent, active solution to a long standing need.
* Can be used by and for home/health aids, nurses, shut-ins,
the sick, the elderly, handicapped, doctor's offices etc.
* The uses and possibilities are endless!
* Attractive, small, handy, lightweight, unobtrusive design.
* Very portable, mobile with waterproof, spill proof control
pad membrane.
Includes the Smart Audio Notes Software System and the Smart Audio Time Capsule!
Automatically records, labels & prioritizes audio note-messages, memos, reminders, announcements etc. for household members, relatives, guests, co-workers and or oneself, notifies the note receiver, then replays said note-message anytime. Also replays certain note-messages and or any other audio recording file automatically in the future at any pre-selected date and time up to 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, even 100 or more years distant!
* Exclusive Advanced Clock/Timer Never Needs Resetting!
* Provides a central main operating system for all home and
or office audio note-message recording and playback.
* Saves money cuts down on non-urgent cell phone calls!
* Reduces clutter from unreliable paper notes.
* Reduces clutter from unreliable paper notes.
* Labels notes for people by name or title and priority!
* Practical, fast, convenient and easy to operate.
* Displays name of message receiver with priority.
* Never miss another important message again!
* No Computer, No Internet Needed!
* Never forget another important, birthday, anniversary,
meeting, date, chore, errand, etc. again!
Smart Audio Time Capsule Software System and/or Sub-System or Smart Audio Time Capsule.
Records and stores any data, audio file, recording, message, event, documentation etc. for individuals, families, businesses, corporations and automatically plays-back/replays said file/recording at any pre-selected date and time 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or more years in the future!
* Opens up a brand new niche market of worldwide audio recording.
* Provides an audio history for future generations of family and/or
employees of anything imaginable for playback anytime in the future!
* Advanced/Exclusive clock/timer automatically resets itself even
after power losses.
* No time limit as to when recording etc. can be replayed. Conceivably
can be set for hundreds or even thousands of years in the future!
* Accepts downloads from other digital audio/data media.
* Automatically prevents unauthorized tampering, modifications,
erasures or deletion.
* Provides a limited time interval for additions, changes etc.
* Prevents any changes or deletion after expiration of time interval
and also after playback, to preserve historical integrity!
* Other unique/exclusive features, functions and capabilities.
* Nothing else remotely like it on the market!

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Ability to record audio files and replay them at any time. Records audio notes, messages, reminders etc. for individual family members or office members for reply at anytime with color coded priority.

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Date posted: 2017-11-02

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