HatSok's are sun protective head wear that simply pulls over any cap or hat.
A sun protective mesh at front allows clear vision and generous ventilation.
The HatSok will resemble a helmet that can be ancient Greek, Roman, Spartan, or any style of futuristic/alien headwear.
Target market will be from toddlers to senior citizens.

Full Description:
People are also becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of excessive sun exposure and the risk of skin cancer.
Melanoma will account for more than 73,000 cases of invasive skin cancer in 2015. It accounts for more than 9,900 of the more than 13,000 skin cancer deaths each year: American Cancer Society.
HatSok solves the sun exposure problem with a complete cover solution coupled with a bit of fun.
HatSok is a sun protective material cover for all caps and hats with a novelty/fantasy helmet shaped theme.
The range is limitless, from ancient Spartan helmets to futuristic warriors, aliens, sci-fi , dive helmets, football team helmets, and for Aussies; Ned Kelly helmets.
Sun protective mesh at the front of the sun cover allows good visibility and air flow.
Other bandanas can cause sun glasses to fog up but the HatSok prevents this due to better ventilation.
HatSok is a low cost, fun solution to skin cancer.
This summer kids, young and old, will be sun smart with the HatSok.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Skin cancer.

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Invention #12239
Date posted: 2018-01-30

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