Flipstick is a sport like hockey except there is no need for a goalie or a net goal.
Note- this is only at prototype stage.

Full Description:
Below are 3 videos. The first will be me explaining how it is played. The 2nd and 3nd will show Flipstick being played. Sorry this is all the footage i could get on this night.
Patrick Marr------Inventor of Flipstick.

Note- this is only at prototype stage.

00008.MTS from patrick marr on https://vimeo.com/224414107.

00000 from patrick marr on https://vimeo.com/224415335.

pats 1 012 from patrick marr on https://vimeo.com/224587605.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Its a sport,It doesn't address a problem.

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Date posted: 2018-03-26

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