Voltage from Magnetic Attraction Diverted by Diamagnetic Intermittently Masked version 2.0. An outer space power source for satellites or spacecraft doing debri and space junk cleanup.

Full Description:
Magnetic Flux Oscillator using Magnetic Flux Valves the apparatus from experimenting with a C-shaped magnet of sufficient pull strength to attract a dual U-shaped magnets with linear motion carriage, horizontally or vertically oriented to earth gravity, encapsulated in a stationary sphere of repulsive diamagnetic, either plentiful pyrolytic carbon or Bismuth, with two holes for polarity lines of flux attraction of the dual U-shaped magnets with attached linear motion carriage.The lines of magnetic flux from the U-shaped magnets linear motion carriage will encounter repulsion from the repulsive diamagnetic sphere and attraction from the open holes of the sphere and mating with the opposite polarity lines of flux from the C-shaped magnet so, a non-retentive ferromagnetic material, Iron, is used as a magnetic conduit in the sphere holes to reduce line of flux being repulsed and increasing attraction strength between sphere and carriage. When the carriage reaches the desired distance to the sphere a means to stop the attraction is needed so along with attractive motion a repulsive diamagnetic hole plug is needed like a loose object in a pressured device will fill the hole of an exposed breach with a vacuum.There must also be a mechanical release of the sphere's plugged hole to initiate reverse motion

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Date posted: 2018-04-26

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