Automated Shower Hub X 100 - for fast showers

X 100 is the new age shower hub offering automated quick showers in just 1.5 minutes to accomodate the fast pasted lives we live today.

Full Description:
The X 100 was designed to suit the modern man in time efficiency within the bathroom. X 100 is an elegant vertical design which does not consume great space in the bathroom and is 20 times faster that the avarage showers. X 100's automated shower system offers a quick shower to the user without requiring great effort. The internal cylindrical design (please see attached designs) makes it possible to shower within only 1.5 minutes, which makes it very convenient for the modern man.

- The automated cylinder moves up and down spraying efficiently the water and the sprayer on the top of the design finishes off the shower thus completing the whole process in such a short time.

- The button on the floor of the X 100 shower hub can be pressed by the feet of the user to repeat the cycles of the cylinder as nuch as necessary.

- The X 100 design is also a self-cleaning shower as all the water is sucked dry at the bottom.

(Sketch & PDF Files also attached)

Note: This product is also patented online under Innovations in Advanced Technology, Patent No: # 91241941189

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Faster and more Efficient Showers

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Bathtub X100.pdf
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Invention #12264
Date posted: 2018-05-02

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