Magnetic Energy Oscillator for Output Power Source (MEOOPS) V5

First power source creating EMF from just being placed into a magnetic flux field like a photovoltaic cell placed in light.

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Magnetic Energy Oscillator for Output Power Source (MEOOPS) V 5

Using ferromagnetic flux repulsion from pyrolytic carbon, Lenz conductor inductive reactive repulsion from pyrolytic carbon and composite plastic compressive spring. When the dual chamber Pyrolytic Carbon Lenz/Spring Umbrella valve is placed in a magnetic flux field it is closed and exposing the solenoid to a magnetic flux field. When Lenz solenoid inductive reactive repulsion along with the plastic decompressive spring force the Pyrolytic Carbon Lenz/Spring Umbrella valve is temp opened and severing the solenoid to a magnetic flux field.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have warned there is only a dozen years for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5C. To restore carbon storage into oceans, plants and landmasses thus reducing greenhouse gasses (Carbon Dioxide and Methane) before the Earth becomes like Venus.
The inspirational journey to an autonomous renewable power source came from viewing a GE experiment ( in 1936 which showed that heat changed the properties of ferromagnetic material to diamagnetic material which is thermal transductance, thus causing motion. Watching the UCLA experiment ( clarified that the material Pyrolytic Carbon, which is repulsive diamagnetics, is the material to duplicate what heat does to ferromagnetic materials without the external need for heating ferromagnetic material with burner fuel and then cooling for returning to ferromagnetic material for iterative motion. Now, how do I get repulsive diamagnetic material to iteratively divert magnetic energy or flux from attractively pulling another ferromagnetic material?
Harvesting electrons for power sources without releasing Methane and Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. I created a device ironically from hydrogen evacuated carbon (pyrolytic carbon) which is a repulsive diamagnetic and used to iteratively divert non- ionizing magnetic flux for inducing valence electron release for flow. The four major valence electronic harvesting sources that can produce 24/7 and are transportable are; triboelectric defines the valence electrons released from two different non-metallic materials interactive friction, piezoelectric defines the valence electrons release from non-metallic crystalline materials compressed, magnetic mutual induction defines the valence electrons release from metal conductors interaction with non-ionized radiated magnetic flux of differential intensity referenced to time and thermoelectric defines the valence electrons release from any two materials non-ionized.

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Date posted: 2019-02-24

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