Bluetooth Tracker Case for Wireless Headphones (Airpods)

A protective cover for the airpod case that also contains a Bluetooth tracker/finder that locates them

Full Description:
I have a provisional patent I would like to sell or license for a case that contains a Bluetooth tracker for the cover for the airpods case. I thought of this idea when my wife and mother-in-law both lost their airpod case and it could not be found by just simply leaving them at the gym. The airpods themselves have tracking capabilities when they are taken out of the case but lose it when they are inside of the case and charging. My invention solves this problem by containing a Bluetooth tracker that will locate this last known spot of your airpods when you moved out of their range. They will also send you a notification when you move too far out of range of your phone. It also works vice versa if you are looking for your phone. The case will beep when you are looking for it. The Bluetooth tracker can be removed if you want to change colors or just change the battery. I am also looking for someone to invest in the invention if that is an option. Thank you

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Invention #12330
Date posted: 2019-10-21

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