Convenient Spot Remover (CSR)

Clean spots off your carpet by wiping your foot no hands or stick needed.

Full Description:
The present invention relates to carpet cleaning systems and, more particularly, to a leg-driven cleaning system. Cleaning carpets and floors typically requires bending or stooping over in order to scrub or brush, even when using a device with an extended handle. Moreover, to get out tough-to-remove stains, users have to typically get on your hands and knees. Either way, users of current carpet cleaning devices are at least stooping and using a lot of arm motion. And so, if the user has bad shoulders or back, the current approaches to cleaning carpet and floors can be prohibitively painful. This invention can be used by anyone of ages. Even kids would find it fun to clean spots out of the carpet. No need in getting out the big steam cleaner in order to clean spots quickly and easily with the CSR.

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Invention #12333
Date posted: 2019-12-09

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