Wind Transformer

A wind transformer comprises a differential vertical wind turbine and a vertical parallel propeller. It converts low density, alternate direction winds into useful condensed energy to empower vessels.

Full Description:
A differential vertical wind turbine uses a sun gear to control plural planetary gears of blade assemblies. The sun gear has half circumference of teeth removed. At teeth removed zone, a blade assembly is free to rotate and the blade has it’s center of pressure located at its tail section. During its revolving, wind pressure forces it align to the wind with minimum drag. At teethed zone, the sun gear drives the planetary gear and the blade to increase its angle of attack towards the incident wind therefore to increase the output torque.

The design goal of a differential vertical wind turbine is optimizing the pressure difference between the downwind blades and the upwind blades, therefore to optimize the output.

The vertical parallel propeller uses similar principle, please read the attached tech brief for wind transformer concept.

The inventor is also looking for development partners for prototype and simulation database.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Vertical wind turbines have efficiency around 10% to 30%, horizontal wind turbines are around 40% to 50%. Vertical wind turbines are less efficiency due to the resistance generated by upwind blades. Demanding could be significant if the efficiency of vertical wind turbine could be improved.

Invented vertical differential wind turbine is a game changer, with its high efficiency, the wind transformer concept will initiate a new era of wind powered navigation.

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Differential Wind Turbine.mp4

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Date posted: 2021-10-12

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