STICKMER Technology

STICKMERS tech will replace the antibodies. they are molecules that act as antibodies but better. That was confirmed by neutralizing the lethal action of saxitoxin that kills mouse in 5 minutes. STICKMERs are obtained in 10 days. Can be used to make massive affordable tests and to make strategy (COVID-Dr. CANDY) to control COVID pandemic.

Full Description:
The STICKMERS are high affinity molecules that act as antibodies but with higher affinity that was confirmed by neutralizing the lethal action of saxitoxin in the mouse model that dies within 5 minutes when a STX lethal dose is injected intraperitoneal. So far there is not an antibody capable to neutralize the STX.
STICKMER size ranges between 6-10 Kda, and they are obtained in 10 days or sooner. Its affinity is easily increased and can be marked as any Ab and use similarly. No animal or animal product is used for its production. Can be stored at room temperature. Basic training is required to produce them in a regular cell/molecular laboratory. Also, STICKMER recognize antigenic and non-antigenic epitopes.
STICKMER application, as is presented in the PPT enclosed, it will allow any type of test, massive and affordable basically at real time for example for the SARS-CoV-2 variants, intravenous solution to reduce virus load, sprays to reduce virus infection. To make COVID-Dr. CANDY that together with COVID-KILLER will control the pandemic. Can act as an antidote, blocking enzymes, affinity purification, fluorescent probes, as medicine for Alzheimer, HIV and anti-aging, THE LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION!

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Date posted: 2022-10-04

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