Problem solving and innovation are crucial to the success of any business. To remain competitive, businesses will need access to a large pool of idea generators, innovators, and creative thinkers. Founded in 2007, IdeaConnection is designed to both facilitate and capitalize on this need and the coming explosion of innovation and problem solving outsourcing.

According to A.G. Lafley, the chief executive officer of Procter & Gamble, "No company today, no matter how large or global, can innovate fast enough or big enough by itself." Jeff Howe, author of Crowdsourcing states, "P&G has realized that tens of thousands of talented scientists are willing to put in the time and effort in their own jerry-built labs for the satisfaction of solving a puzzle, and coming up with a practical solution—and, not unimportantly, of earning additional cash."

Don Tapscott, the author of Wikinomics, states that "Companies face tough dilemmas every day, for which there is a uniquely prepared mind somewhere in the world who has the right combination of expertise and experience to solve that problem."

When a Seeker had an idea to create deli products in different shapes, IdeaConnection came up with a production method that answered all the cooking, flavour and production challenges of high speed food processing needed to create the shapes.»

Jeff Howe, in his book Crowdsourcing states: "Given certain conditions, [Caltech professor Scott E.] Page writes, "a randomly selected collection of problem solvers outperforms a collection of the best individual problem solvers.""

IdeaConnection is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this new emerging market. For a fee, IdeaConnection gives the world's companies, large and small, access to hundreds of thousands of great minds through its collaborative problem solving 'ThinkSpace'®.

The company's platform was developed by a team of versatile and steadfast professionals across many industries. This team has shown the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions such as media mobilization and the globalization of business.