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For the pleasure of the innovation community, IdeaConnection includes on its website resources that stimulate interaction, imagination, and invention. These include:

Interviews, and Articles about Innovation, and Invention Success Stories

These are written both in-house and also by the growing community of users.

Innovative People

Designed to be a social network of innovators, anyone with innovation and problem solving skills can develop their personal profile page.

Conferences and Contests

Innovation Conferences, Conventions and Events are listed, as well as Innovation Contests.

New Inventions and Videos

New inventions posted daily, and innovation videos, are popular pages.

Patent Marketplace and Invention Posting and Selling

Entrepreneurs can post inventions for sale, or purchase ideas to develop into businesses.

Corporate Crowdsourcing and Idea Websites

Visit these pages to post your ideas to companies seeking crowdsourced solutions.

The above, and more resources and services can be accessed from the Resources menu above..

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Problem Solver Interviews

Read what some Problem Solvers have to say about working with IdeaConnection.com: