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    Free Listing

    You have found one of the world's largest databases of patents technologies for sale or license. Why leave your valuable technology patents on a website that gets hardly any traffic, when you could list them in IdeaConnection's Patent Marketplace where they will be agressively marketed and made visible to our millions of visitors?

    As soon as they are listed, your patents will immediately be distributed to hundreds of patent buyers that use our Instant Notification service, and your patents and technologies will be featured in our Patent Marketplace Newsletter.

    You will also receive access to a password protected extranet where you will have a record of all patent buyers who have emailed you as well as statistics about your pageviews. You will be able to easily delete the technologies you have sold, and add new patents you have acquired.

    Patent listings will:

    1. Immediately go out to all patent buyers that have requested to be notified in your specified category;

    2. Be featured in our Patent Marketplace Newsletter;

    3. Be distributed to target companies that you suggest may be interested in buying your technologies;

    4. Be picked up by Google search, usually within 24 hours;

    5. Be marketed by IdeaConnection with Google Pay-per-Click.

    You will receive emails directly from interested technology purchasers. These have been screened for spam. Your company name is kept confidential, and it is up to you to reply to prospective patent purchases if you wish. Replying will reveal your email address to the IP buyer.

    You negotiate directly with patent buyers. IdeaConnection is not involved in the technology transfer process, and does not charge a percentage of the sale of your intellectual property. So get your valuable technology patents working for your today.

    Bulk Postings

    (More than 10 technologies)

    Bulk deliveries of Technologies for Sale may be provided as a spreadsheet (CSV, OpenDocument, Excel, etc), or XML file. Preferred character set is UTF-8. If delivering in another character set, please specify.

    If possible, the fields we want are:
    - Title (max 255 chars)
    - Description (max 64000 chars, text only, no HTML formatting)
    - Offer type: Sale
    - Offer Type: Licensing
    - Company (max 63 chars)
    - Email (max 127chars)
    - Broker or IP Owner

    Optional fields are:
    - Asking price
    - Inventors' names (max 255 chars)
    - Contact first name (max 63 chars)
    - Contact last name (max 63 chars)
    - Phone number (max 63 chars)
    - Patent 1 Country (2 letter country code)
    - Patent 1 Number (single number, no commas)
    - Patent 1 Issue Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
    - Patent 1 Link (URL for detailed patent info)
    - Patent N Country
    - Patent N Number
    - Patent N Date
    - Patent N Link

    If you have questions about bulk postings, please [CONTACT US]