Adhesive, Flexible dataSTICKIES

Adhesive, Flexible dataSTICKIES
The flexible and adhesive USB dataSTICKIES are the Post-It notes of the digital age, transferring data via their conductive adhesive.

Winner of a Red Dot design award, the dataSTICKIES are meant to be paired with an optical data transfer surface—a panel that can be attached to the surface of devices to receive data. The stickies are made of graphene, which is able to carry extremely large amounts of data, and the conductive adhesive that attaches the stickie to the ODTS also transfers the data.

The dataSTICKIES come in an array of colors and designs, can be written on, and can be stacked and carried together. Because of their slender profile and adhesion, they can also be easily stored with the objects they are meant to be used with.

Adhesive, Flexible dataSTICKIES

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