Air Purifying Bike Concept

Air Purifying Bike Concept
The Air Purifier Bike concept would let riders clean the air as they ride by filtering out pollutants and creating oxygen.

Winner of a Red Dot design award, the concept bike is equipped with an air filter between the handle bars that would screen pollutants and dust and an oxygen-producing “photosynthesis system” that includes a water tank, electric motor and a battery. As the bike is being ridden, air would be forced through the filter and cleaned, allowing fresh air to flow onto the cyclist. The photosynthesis system would be contained within the frame, and could continue to operate even when the bike is not being ridden.

Air Purifying Bike Concept

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This can be a typical example of inefficient energy system. Be better use a fixed station with sun power use.
Posted by Otto Brockmeyer on December 18, 2013
how much?
Posted by Dale Dupont on December 18, 2013
Good idea!
I recommend to use TiO2-coated filter for purifying VOCs.
Posted by Younseok Park on December 18, 2013
good to here air purifying bike concept and u also win Red Dot design may i know on which year do you win.
Posted by sadesh devaki on December 19, 2013
KUDOS to the person who had this idea! I am glad to learn about this brilliant technological invention/innovation. We may strive to continue innovating this concept by putting up a stationary machine/facility that will filter pollutants and in return releasing oxygen to benefit a bigger number of people in a certain area. Thank you.
Posted by E.G. Lagartera on January 1, 2014
Can it be used in other automotives.
Posted by shailja kastwar on September 14, 2014

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