Airo Wing-Spring Bike Seat Supports a Softer Ride

Airo Wing-Spring Bike Seat Supports a Softer Ride
The Airo Bike Seat invention boasts a set of Wing-Springs for a more comfortable ride.

Developed by the Canadian company of the same name, the Airo Bike Seat was designed to support the rider's ‘sit bones’ and reduce pressure on the pubic zone. The Wing-Springs flare outward from the sides of the seat, where they will respond dynamically to the motions of the rider to maintain proper contact with the seat. The Airo Bike Seat also includes gel padding and a flexible horn that can flex to absorb shocks while the rider is in a forward-leaning, aggressive position.

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Wher can I find a distributor in Belgium
Posted by ROBERT CRIEL on September 22, 2018
Hi could I buy a sample to test the product?
Posted by Christian Lee on October 16, 2018

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