Alba Smart Bulb Responds to the Home's Habits

Alba Smart Bulb Responds to the Home's Habits
Designed by former Tesla and NASA engineers, the Alba bulb may be the smartest smart bulb ever.

The first offering from the Stack company, the Alba bulb will work autonomously by learning the user's habits as well as reacting to the ambient light. It is equipped with motion sensors that will detect the level of activity in room, enabling it to turn on or off automatically, and its ambient light sensor will trigger the bulb to dim or brighten according amount of light in the room. The Alba will also learn the rhythms of the household--perhaps staying on longer to light the hallway at night, for example--and can be programmed to emit different temperatures of light depending upon the time of day or the activities in the room.

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Great invention. Well done!
Posted by Albert van Niekerk on September 29, 2015

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