Allam Cycle Turns CO2 to Electricity

Allam Cycle Turns CO2 to Electricity
The Allam Cycle system will capture all of the carbon dioxide created from burning fossil fuels, and turn it into electricity.

The result of decades of work, the Allam Cycle is the brainchild of Rodney Allam, and was finally brought to life by 8 Rivers, a venture capital incubator. The device uses captured CO2, which is pressurized and held in a supercritical state--resulting in a material with the density of liquid that also expands like a gas. Cycling the CO2 will spin the turbines that power generators, in turn producing electricity.

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Where does the energy come from to pressurize the carbon dioxide?
Posted by Eric Brachhausen on March 1, 2017
What happens t the CO2? It is good that we can get energy out of the captured CO2, how is the CO2 converted or is it?
Posted by Eugene Hrushowy on March 1, 2017
I am interested to find out if you currently have any projects under construction.
Posted by Kenneth Willson on March 1, 2017
By using a small amount of electricity to split water and added at the combustion point a higher temperature is reached utilzing 100% of contents in combustion allowing excess CO2 generated from elsewhere to be introduced and consumed on a continual basis.Maybe!
Posted by Stephen Fitton on March 4, 2017
Ridiculous! How is the energy required to compress the carbon dioxide going to be recovered?
Posted by Marc de Piolenc on March 4, 2017

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