ALTACAS System Helps Prevent Plane Crashes

ALTACAS System Helps Prevent Plane Crashes
The LIDAR-based ALTACAS crash avoidance system monitors the location of other aircraft and vehicles near the runway in order to avoid accidents during takeoff and landing.

Created by ALTACAS Technology, the Aerial, Landing, & Takeoff Aircraft Crash Avoidance System (ALTACAS) is meant to supplement existing systems by using lasers and microprocessors to detect obstacles in the plane’s flight path. The multidirectional LIDAR units are placed on specific locations on the plane, such as the wings and tail, which allows the plane to detect other crafts that may be near it, as well as their speed and direction.

If the ALTACAS system detects a potential collision, it will automatically prompt a three-way communication between both of the vehicles and the nearest air traffic controller.

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