Amplify Your Look

Amplify Your Look
Just like you pick your wardrobe, you pick the glasses that fit your personality best. Eye-wear that was once only used to aid the visually impaired are now stylized and made to fit your fashion needs, so why can't hearing aids get the same upgrade?

Alice Turner sure thought so. Amplify was conceived to surpass the "medical tool" label and reach the prestige of fashion. The designers of this hearing aid want to boost the wearer's confidence and allow them to show off a fashionable device all while retaining the highest quality of medical assistance.

The science behind Amplify is "bone conduction technology". By converting sounds into waves, this hearing aid completely bypasses the eardrum and transfers those vibrations directly to the Cochlea, allowing the user to hear. The designers didn't stop at that, however, and integrated a Bluetooth system so you can adapt easily to the "smart" world we live in.

What more could we ask for?

Amplify Your Look

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