Anti Motion Sickness Ear Plug

Anti Motion Sickness Ear Plug
Fine-tunable, intelligent, precision-made instrument in form of an ear plug.

The Anti Motion Sickness Ear Plug (patent pending) is totally natural and drug free. It provides protection and relief from symptoms of all known forms of motion sickness and nausea: Sea, Air, Car, Train or any moving vehicle (while reading, playing demanding computer games etc.).

The Anti Motion Sickness Ear Plug also gives protection and relief from vertigo, dizziness at high altitudes (mountains, towers, high buildings, airplane, etc.).

The ear plug should be used only in one of your ears, preferably in the left and may be worn all day long, even during sleep, if needed. Manually adjustable/tunable with different mouthpieces for individual needs: Purple=L=light, Red=M=medium, White=S=strong with 9+9 different adjustment possibilities (offering 18 instruments in one).

"Plug and Play" starts working instantaneously.

This Instrument is developed to give protection and relief from symptoms of all known forms of Motion Sickness: Motion Sickness or Kinetosis, Spatial Disorientation, Simulation Sickness, Cyber Sickness, Space Sickness, Airsickness, Sea Sickness and Vertigo.

It is re-sizable, re-usable, and safe for adults and children.

The device is excellent for correctional use for anyone who plays demanding computer games or takes part in simulator based training and experiences difficulties with balance, motion sensitivity or any form of light or severe motion sickness.

The Ear Plus will also help children who experience sensitivity to motion sickness, avoid vomiting in a car ormoving vehicle.

The device works by creating confusion for the human balance and sensory system (lowering the functional level of the vestibular system in different volumes and strengths through natural and mechanical one sided functional manipulation and disturbance) and thereby reduces the balance system's capability to register awareness of gravity, position of head in space, quick tilting movements and linear acceleration and deceleration. Through these actions symptoms of motion related sicknesses are relieved.

The Instrument's functional strength and volume can be fine tuned to meet individual needs, by regulating all natural functions of only one ear. This is achieved with the use of the Ear Plug itself, powered by the intelligent construction of the interior space of the Ear Plug when formed in different combinations with the Ear Plug's different precision made mouthpieces together with its Cap.

The device's EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL MOUTHPIECES are made and constructed in the USA with the latest high precision micro-technology and accuracy available today for this specific purpose, supplying the heart of its intelligent function together with precision-wise tunability and adjustability which allows adjustment of its functional strength and volume for individual need and use.

With this precision technology the instrument (in its present and future forms) offers intelligent ways to restrict all the natural functions of a human ear, while keeping all the vital functions of the ear alive under total variable control.

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Anti Motion Sickness Ear Plug

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oh man i need this when i do my thing in the car
Posted by rape you on October 7, 2009

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