App and Cranial Cap Analyze Infant Head Deformaties

App and Cranial Cap Analyze Infant Head Deformaties
A new smartphone app and special cap allow clinicians to safely assess cranial deformations in infants.

While babies are commonly born with cranial deformations, typical methods of analyzing their shape can expose the small children to harmful radiation. To help reduce this risk while still offering a complete exam, the team from the Valencia Polytechnic University created the Photomedas system. Consisting of a smartphone app and mesh skull cap that fits on the infant’s head, the system is able to capture a video of the head from multiple angles and create a 3D computer model of its shape.

According to Professor José Luis Lerma, "Photomedas entails zero inconveniences and zero radiation for infants. It is a non-invasive solution that is reliable and easy to use, which offers results that are 100-percent reliable."

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