ArVision’s Vezo 360 Dash Cam Alerts Drowsy Drivers

ArVision’s Vezo 360 Dash Cam Alerts Drowsy Drivers
ArVision’s Vezo 360 dash cam invention will detect signs of drowsiness behind the wheel and sound an alarm to alert the driver.

The Vezo 360 attaches to the front windshield of the car, where it will capture the vehicle’s surroundings in 4K video. The camera is equipped with 4G and Wifi, allowing the owner to view a live stream via the Vezo app, and the app can also be used to locate the car using the Vezo’s GPS signal. The Vezo 360’s standout feature, however, is its AI able to detect the signs of drowsiness in the driver and sound a warning alarm.

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People with limited driving capability might get a license, if the system limits speed and warns also other travelers according to the driver’s state.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on April 5, 2019

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