AshPoopie Incinerates Pet Waste

AshPoopie Incinerates Pet Waste
The AshPoopie concept combines a pet poop scoop with an incinerator, effectively turning pet waste into sterile ash in seconds.

Developed by Paulee CleanTech of Israel, the AshPoopie consists of a retractable handle and an integrated decomposition chamber that contains replaceable cartridges of as yet undisclosed chemicals. The pet waste mixes with the chemicals to become odorless, sterile ashes in under a minute.

The developers are currently designing the prototype, and hope to bring the device to the market as early as next year.

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wow, what a great idea
wish i could have one right now
i am going to tell about it to my anty...her dog will loveeeeeeeeeee it
Posted by annalisa winfrey on October 19, 2011
Please advise seller that we well offer to purchase website/product/terms apply!
Our email contact was directlt sent to business offering this idea.
Posted by businessman right on April 20, 2013
please try yo make your message more clear as it is hard to understand
Posted by oded halperin on April 25, 2013

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