Atmo Biosciences Gut-Gas Sensor

Atmo Biosciences Gut-Gas Sensor
The Atmo Biosciences gut-gas sensing capsule could offer valuable insight into the health and operation of the gastrointestinal system.

The Atmo system would replace the more invasive tube-insertion method of testing, with a proven safe and effective capsule that is a swallowed with a meal. As the Atmo capsule moves through the body, it will transmit data about gut gasses in real time to a small, external receiver. That receiver, in turn, sends the data to a paired smartphone via Bluetooth for remote viewing by the physician.

According to the team, the Atmo capsule is 3000 times more accurate than a breath test, and its sensors could be expanded to detect many more gases and compounds.

Atmo Biosciences Gut-Gas Sensor

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