Autofocals Smart Glasses Know Where You're Looking

Autofocals Smart Glasses Know Where You're Looking
The autofocals smart glasses will detect where the viewer is looking and adjust automatically to keep things in focus.

The glasses were designed by a team from Stanford University as a way to help treat presbyopia—age-induced farsightedness. In contrast to reading glasses or progressive lenses, the autofocals are equipped with a pair of fluid-filled lenses that will become thicker or thinner in response to an electric current. The glasses also feature an eye-tracking system and a depth-sensing camera, which allow the system to detect where the wearer is looking and adjust accordingly.

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Autofocals (Jul-10-19) and Adhesives (Jul-25-19) might have elements to pick a wanted speech from clamor. After a short focus to the talker’s throat or lips the gadget would recognize the voice onwards.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on July 26, 2019

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