Biodegrable Rods Treat Gum Disease

Biodegrable Rods Treat Gum Disease
Flexible, biodegradable rods inserted into the gum help treat periodontal disease without the need for large dose of medication.

Although gingivitis is often treated with oral antibiotics, the large doses that generally come with this regime can have side effects as well as contribute to antibiotic resistance. As a more location-specific alternative, a team from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg developed polymer rods embedded with the antibiotic minocycline, which helps treat peridontal disease. The biodegradable rod is inserted into the gingival pocket, where the medicine releases gradually as the rod is safely broken down.

The Fraunhofer spinoff company PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals will be developing the technology, which could be made commercially available within a few years.

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