Biodegradable Plastic Could Package Food

Biodegradable Plastic Could Package Food
An innovative new biodegradable plastic created by fermentation could offer an affordable and more eco-friendly alternative to today’s plastic.

The material was developed by a team from Ohio State University by melting natural rubber into the plant-based thermoplastic PHBV, organic peroxide and TMPTA. While previous attempts to mix rubber was PHBV resulted in a material too brittle for use, the researchers’ product was 75 percent stronger and 100 percent more flexible than earlier examples. The material could be used for food packaging, where flexibility and strength are equally important.

Biodegradable Plastic Could Package Food

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Very interesting indeed, however what about costs and sustainability of the production of such a green product if it is depending on natural rubber that comes from rain forests rubber trees?
Posted by Ammar AL Khani on April 24, 2019

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