Biodegradable Tent

Biodegradable Tent
The team at Do The Green Thing have designed a biodegradable tent that will decompose and replenish the soil after the party's over.

Headed by Vanessa Harden of the Royal College of Art, the tent is made of cardboard and coated in beeswax to make it rain and damp resistant. The wrapper is constructed of biodegradable cellophane, the pegs of potato, and the prototype was coated with seeds to leave the site even greener than before.

While still a prototype, the tent received very favorable comments at a recent festival in the UK.

Biodegradable Tent

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Great post! Vanessa Harden will be featured at Remastered, an exhibition presented by jotta and Intel. Remastered runs 9 - 13 March. Want to go?
Posted by jotta dotcom on March 1, 2011

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