Biosensor Bandage Tests Sweat to Monitor Health

Biosensor Bandage Tests Sweat to Monitor Health
A biosensor bandage able to collect and analyze sweat could offer an affordable alternative to blood samples.

Developed by researchers from the US and China, the wearable device is made up of a flexible polymer film coated with a super-hydrophobic silica suspension etched with microwells. Color-changing dyes are placed at the bottom of the wells, where they will react to changes in pH, chloride, glucose or calcium. The patch adheres to the skin, where sweat trapped in the micropores will trigger the dye spots to change color based on the chemical makeup of the liquid.

Biosensor Bandage Tests Sweat to Monitor Health

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Dear Sir
the system you intrduce can be replace d by wescor sweat test ?
We are usisng sweat test Wescor for induction and also for conductivity measurement
how can we use your system ? please let me know
Kind regards

Tijen Tanyalcin MD, PhD
Tanyalcin Medical Laboratory
Selective Screening and Metabolism Unit
1359 sokak No:4/1 Alsancak 35220 Izmir Turkey
Tel: +90 232 464 02 11 / +90 232 464 19 12 Fax: +90 232 463 09 10
Posted by Tijen Tanyalcin on April 22, 2019

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