Bone Bandage Speeds Healing

Bone Bandage Speeds Healing
An innovative bone bandage helps bones heal by capturing a natural healing molecule at the site of the break to promote bone repair.

Developed by a team at Duke University, the bandage takes advantage of the biomolecule adenosine, which the body floods the site of bone breaks to speed in healing but is soon metabolized. To encourage the high levels of adenosine to remain at the site longer, the team designed a bandage embedded with boronate molecules, which bond with the adenosine. The bandage can be applied surgically to the break, where it will capture and slowly release the adenosine to promote healing.

The team is now working to create a version of the bandage that will biodegrade safely in the body.

Bone Bandage Speeds Healing

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Brilliant innovation!
Posted by Protasius Ndauendapo on December 15, 2019

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