Bosch Virtual Visor Blocks the Sun with AI

Bosch Virtual Visor Blocks the Sun with AI
The Virtual Visor concept from Bosch improves driving safety by blocking the sun only where it is reaching the driver’s eyes.

While typical vehicle visors simply flip down to offer a rectangle of shade that also blocks some of the view, the Virtual Visor will only block the sun where needed. This is accomplished via a transparent LED panel as well as a driver-facing camera, AI-facial detection and eye-tracking software. Using this collected data, specific areas of the LED panel are triggered to turn opaque and block the sun only where it is shining through to the driver’s eyes. The panels will adjust as the driver, car and sun move, and the Virtual Visor can be mounted in the place of traditional sun visors using the same hardware.

The Virtual Visor was the recipient of the CES 2020 Innovation Awards "Best of Innovation" prize in the In-Vehicle Entertainment and Safety category.

Bosch Virtual Visor Blocks the Sun with AI

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What happens when it malfunctions rendering the visor a transparent lens, that could be considered causality to an accident. Why not simple package this design into the windshield. Regardless of the deterrent production cost you would still be able to flip down a common every day visor for use as backup. A bunch of lawsuits would be far more devastating than transposing a smart visor to smart windshield. Nonetheless its an outstanding Innovative concept, cheers.
Posted by Kenneth Mailloux on February 4, 2020

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