Bose AR Glasses Put the Focus on Audio

Bose AR Glasses Put the Focus on Audio
The Smart AR glasses from Bose focus on informative audio instead of visuals.

Instead of a lens or camera, the Bose AR glasses are equipped with a GPS sensor that enables it to detect the direction the wearer is facing. Armed with that information, the glasses will offer useful audio input, from translating signs, navigating an airport, or “simulating historic events” such as horses hooves and shouts or a speech in front of a statue.

Bose AR Glasses Put the Focus on Audio

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Hi there,
If Bose AR Glassed get sold in South Africa, who will be repairing these glasses if repairs are needed,
Please advise,
Posted by Eugene Jardine on March 22, 2018
Hi. How mucho does it cost?
Posted by Héctor González Villalba on September 19, 2018

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