Brain Vacuum Reverses Stroke Damage

Brain Vacuum Reverses Stroke Damage
A new tool developed by researchers, the Penumbra System of Continuous Aspiration Thrombectomy, vacuums out clots from blood vessels in the brain, and can reverse the effects of stroke if used within in a few hours of the incident.

The process involves threading a tiny catheter into a blood vessel up from the groin to the neck, at which point an even smaller catheter emerges and goes up into the brain.

The procedure only works on victims of massive strokes, so patients must receive a CT scan as soon as possible.

Brain Vacuum Reverses Stroke Damage

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I would like to ask if the brain had the stroke before 8 months ago is it possible to treat it by this device, and where we can get specialized doctors in the middle east can do this type of operations.
Posted by victor Al-Hakimi on June 11, 2010

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