Briko Cerebellum One Helmet Records Front and Rear Video

Briko Cerebellum One Helmet Records Front and Rear Video
Briko’s Cerebellum One helmet adds an extra element of safety—and accountability—with its front and rear cameras that transmit directly to the rider’s smartphone.

The Bricko Cerebellum One can be used in a variety of ways. While at its most playful it offers a way to record ride videos, the cameras can also be paired with a handlebar-mounted smartphone to offer a streaming, rearview mirror. The rear-facing radar system will trigger an alert if it detects an oncoming car from behind, and the helmet will also send an SMS alert with GPS coordinates in the event of a crash. A standout feature of the Cerebellum One, however, is its ability to automatically save a buffered two-minute period of video if the biker is involved in an accident. That video can then be used, if necessary, to determine—and prove—whether or not the cyclist was at fault during the incident.

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