BSE Bra Provides Early Breast Cancer Detection

BSE Bra Provides Early Breast Cancer Detection
The BSE bra is an early warning system for breast cancer, able to detect emerging tumor long before the tumor becomes visible to a mammogram.

Developed by First Warning Systems, the BSE (breast self exam) bra features technology that enables the device to continuously measure the tiny variations in blood vessel growth in the breasts. According to the company, blood vessels feeding a cancerous tumor have a distinct heat signature, which allows the growing tumor to be identified at a very early stage. In tests, the bra showed an accuracy rate of more than 90 percent, which is much higher than is possible with traditional mammograms.

First Warning Systems plans to release the BSE bra in Europe in 2013, with a possible US release the following year.

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Posted by peter ohaezu on October 17, 2012
very well designed and developed product for the benefit of women to detect cancer at the earliest stages. I appreciate the product designer..
Posted by Sharada N on October 18, 2012
I would like to market this in INdia and would like to buy the rights.
Posted by kanchan mehra on October 18, 2012
I would like to prepare the marketing approach of your innovational
products linked with our current items dealing and selling into our country
South Korea.
looking forward to your comment in the soonest
Thanks and regards,
Ivy Corporation
Posted by Chunho Jee on October 20, 2012
Dear BSE,

I would like to introduce the Bra in The Netherlands> who can I contact?
best regards,
Posted by Han Speckens on October 24, 2012
Hi my name is Amewu Alex one of the directors of glory life foundation for breast cancer in Ghana. this is a non governmental organisation that is concentrate its activities in the rural communities of Africa.
think this product is a beautiful innovation and will be of great benefit to our mission and vision. please i will like to help promote this product in my country, Ghana. looking forward for your response
Posted by Amewu Alex on November 27, 2012
Posted by SATHYAN K K KUTTIEL KANICHERI on March 10, 2014
Dear BSE,
I would like to introduce the Bra to the Singapore market who can I contact?
Kind regards,
Posted by Fabiane Braga on September 15, 2014
Hello we what to Market this product in Colombia South America thanks
Posted by Jackie Riveros on November 14, 2015

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