Car Converts to a Bedroom, Office and Gym

Car Converts to a Bedroom, Office and Gym
SAIC's SheLL concept is exploring what else can be done with an automobile to make it more useful when you're not driving it, and what other roles it can fulfil when it is parked.

The vehicle is not only an automobile, it also transforms into a bedroom, office and gymnasium. As we said, this is a concept from far-left-field

The SheLL concept also explores new materials and how they can be used to reconfigure spaces. Inspired by folding fans and paper lanterns, SAIC has applied elastic membrane technology to the vehicle’s bodywork, so that the Shell is elastically adjustable and capable of adapting itself to various applications and meeting different user requirements.

The SheLL will also connect seamlessly to buildings and public facilities by way of what is expected to become a standard interface for vehicles - a docking station so it can supplement the home or office with another working or living space.

Car Converts to a Bedroom, Office and Gym

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The car is very convenient. People can rest, work and exercise any time any where in the car. What’s more, the car is environmental protection. And the car saves more material and resources. It can ease pollution of the environment. As we all know, resources are limited but people's demand is infinite.
However the car has deficiencies. It is not fit for human life habit. It may cause people to unhealthy.
Posted by Xu Wang on June 21, 2010

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