Cellulose Pouch Eases Pacemaker Replacement

Cellulose Pouch Eases Pacemaker Replacement
A cellulose membrane that protects pacemakers could make it easier to remove and replace the device when needed.

Typically, pacemakers must be surgically removed and replaced about every five years, a process that can be complicated by the fibrotic tissue that grows over the device during its time in the body. To help reduce that growth as well as the risk of infections and complications, the team from ETH Zurich created a pouch for the pacemaker made from a fibrous cellulose membrane embedded with an array of honeycomb-shaped indentions. The fibers and indentions resist the formation of the fibrotic tissue, making removing the device quicker and easier.

Large Image: Robotti F et al. - A microscope image of the membrane's surface – each indentation has a diameter of 10 micrometers

Cellulose Pouch Eases Pacemaker Replacement

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