Cevec Emergency Central Venous Catheter

Cevec Emergency Central Venous Catheter
The Cevec central venous catheter simplifies the process of inserting catheter devices during emergencies.

Although the body will respond very quickly to medication administered via a central venous catheter (CVC), inserting the CVC can be difficult enough that few first responders choose to use them. To reduce some of the obstacles of using the life-saving tool, Gabrial Mueller of Muthesius University created the Cevec, a three-part catheter system that can be easily deployed during emergencies.

The Cevec system is made up of the port, which is attached to the patient’s neck at the desired puncture point. Once the port is in place, a syringe needle covered with a guiding sleeve is inserted through a tunnel in the port, then removed to leave the guiding sleeve in place. The catheter can then be inserted via the sleeve, significantly simplifying the process.

Cevec Emergency Central Venous Catheter

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