Chill Puck Keeps Cans Cooler Longer

Chill Puck Keeps Cans Cooler Longer
Attach your cooler to your can with the Chill Puck, a beverage cooling device that keeps cans cold from the bottom up.

According to the developer, the Chill Puck features “NASA-designed equipment” originally used to chill nuclear reactors inside satellites. The puck was designed to maximize the surface contact with the can, and the accompanying Chill Band uses suction to attach the puck to the can. The puck also has four small legs on the bottom, which allow it to function as a coaster as well.

The Chill Puck is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

More Info about this Invention:

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Please send me more details and also the level of investment you need.


Hari Nair
Posted by Hari Nair on April 21, 2013
Please send me more details. very very nice.
Posted by Danie Van Rensburg on May 6, 2013
Yaa!! Its good! Plz send the details
Posted by KRISHNA KUMARAN on July 1, 2013

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