Clean Gas-Powered Cars

Clean Gas-Powered Cars
Clean powering methods and protecting the environment are big concerns of the future, which is what led researchers at the Washington State University to make a breakthrough in fueling gas-powered cars more efficiently.

Led by PhD graduate Qusay Bkour and Professor Su Ha in the Gene and Linda Voiland School of Engineering and Bioengineering, the researchers created a nanoparticle catalyst that permits a fuel cell to transform liquid fuel into electricity with more efficiency. This would result in less carbon dioxide emission, which is better for the environment.

They used a cheap catalyst, made from sulfur, combined with molybdenum nanoparticles, which enabled their fuel cell to survive for a full day, and eliminated the carbon accumulation problem encountered with other elements.

These fuel cells could be a significant advancement in providing clean fueling solutions for the transportation and automotive industries.

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