Climbing Car Parks on Apartment Walls

Climbing Car Parks on Apartment Walls
The Metromorph concept car can work as an elevator and a balcony, climbing the walls of a building to deliver owners to their apartment and attaching to the wall to create a balcony.

Designed by Roman Mistiuk, the Metromorph's seats are able to move about on a rolling base, which allows the passengers to sit comfortably as the car climbs a vertical wall. Once established as a balcony, the seats can be transformed to lounge chairs to increase the 'balcony experience'.

Although an unusual concept, the car does address issues of urban parking and space space living.

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Nasty. A simple component failure can lead to a disaster and btw, requires a lot of energy to climb.
Posted by chandu s on August 26, 2011
I agree with the above post.
this sounds nice in theory but the practical risk outweighted the benefit.
Posted by johnny smith on August 29, 2011
The car business. In a balcony or other places up high becomes a bird house. Just open the windows and birds fly in. Question? What kinds of birds. Big enough for large birds.
Posted by Dale Allison on September 1, 2011
wt a wonderful thing it is ! I like it . Its like a sciencefiction movie .
Posted by abdullah sadi on November 15, 2011

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