Closet Cleanser

Closet Cleanser
Laundry is arguably one of the most tedious tasks at home, especially for large families. Just like during the industrial revolution, it can be a mind-numbing task for the anyone who does it. Thankfully, the multinational innovation monster Samsung came to lend us a hand.

Holding up to 6 articles of clothing at a time, AirDresser is a washing machine without all the hassle of separating the loads. AirDresser is capable of steaming, sanitizing, and (most importantly) deodorizing your clothing all while having the ability to fit anywhere. A refillable water tank supplies any liquid needed, so all you would need to do is find a plug and voilà!

Obviously, you can even connect your smart phone to AirDresser, allowing you to make a wide variety of checks such as water level, cleaning cycles, and maintenance.

Doesn't this just take a load off?

Closet Cleanser

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Closet preparer might aid with cooking and baking.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on August 11, 2020

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