Convesaid Device Stops Bleeding Without Embolism Risk

Convesaid Device Stops Bleeding Without Embolism Risk
The Convesaid invention stops dangerous blood vessel bleeding during surgeries without the risk of triggering an embolism.

Typically, hemostat powders are sprayed on wounds to stop bleeding during surgeries, but that practice comes with the risk of introducing air into the blood vessel, which can cause an embolism.

Developed by Team Consulting, the same group that designed the Epi-pen, the Convesaid device takes advantage of the Coanda principle—the tendency of an airflow to follow an adjacent curved surface—to dispense the hemostat powder without air entering the wound. The key to the design is the device’s tip, which contains a channel that splits in two and sends the air back into the device along a smooth curve, while the hemostat power is propelled from the tip and onto the wound.

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Posted by Phillip Maswabi on March 22, 2018

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