Coxa Carry Re-thinks Backpack Straps

Coxa Carry Re-thinks Backpack Straps
The Coxa Carry system was designed to make backpacks more comfortable, shifting the straps and the belt for more flexibility and less stress on the shoulders.

Developed by Claes Bergkvist, the Coxa Carry system brings the curved straps over the chest and down the center of the torso. They attach in the front of the body to the multi-pronged hip belt buckle, which secures the straps and pulls the weight off the shoulders and onto the hips. Bergkvist has other buckle designs in the work as well, including a single clip buckle that secures the two shoulder straps with one click.

Coxa Carry Re-thinks Backpack Straps

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It is a good invention and can click well in Indian market. But before that one has to see, how effective it is ?

Mohinder Singh Rawat
Posted by Mohinder Singh Rawat on November 13, 2013

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