Deadly Suntan

Deadly Suntan
Now that summer is here, people want to go out, go to a lake, a park, camping, or any other outdoor activity allowed by the nicer weather. But, nothing is more annoying than mosquitoes.

Thankfully, Moskiller is here to solve all your mosquito problems. Moskiller is a new mosquito killing lamp that doesn't use any chemical substances. it instead uses a combination of LED light source, bionic temperature, air turbulence, and physical drying to get rid of mosquitoes.

When a mosquitoes goes near the lamp, the structure sucks it in an anti-escape box using a vortex generated by a fan, which is where the physical drying takes place to kill the mosquitoes. Additionally, this process is completely noiseless. Moskiller comes equipped with a universal USB port to use with multiple devices.

Moskiller will help you enjoy your summer, and not worry about these little annoying creatures ever again.

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