DipStick Keeps Drinks Cold While Ice Fishing

DipStick Keeps Drinks Cold While Ice Fishing
Designed for ice fishermen, the innovative DipStick cooler extends into the frigid water to keep drinks cold but not frozen.

Ice fishing is a popular pastime in many places, and ice fishermen enjoy a cold beverage as much as anyone else. The DipStick cooler was created by Adam Butler of Moose Jaw, Canada, as a way to deal with the unique problem of beverages left outside the ice becoming too cold and freezing. After a hole has been carved in the ice, the DipStick will fit atop it and extend its telescoping tube into the water, keeping canned beverages cold without freezing. The cans will float to the top of the DipStick as the uppermost one is removed, making it easy to retrieve the next beverage and focus on fishing.

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