Disinfecting N95 Masks

Disinfecting N95 Masks
A Canadian firm is now taking orders for a device that can rapidly disinfect N95 masks using UV-C light.

Given the shortage of masks, a device that can process up to 500 used masks per hour is good news indeed.

The TERMINATOR CoV from Prescientx is adjustable to fit masks of different sizes and its conveyor with special tray keeps it aligned properly to make sure that the entire exposed surface is treated with the ultraviolet light.

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Posted by Ashok Kumar on May 12, 2020
Even we HY Supplies Inc the wholesale PPE Supplier fulfilling the PPE needs, this kind of Innovation ideas would be better to reduce the shortage of PPE Masks. Indeed this is very excellent idea !!
Posted by HY Supplies Inc on May 13, 2020

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