Drug Delivery Implant Can be Tuned Via Bluetooth

Drug Delivery Implant Can be Tuned Via Bluetooth
A tiny implantable drug delivery system controlled by Bluetooth could help patients manage chronic diseases.

The implant, about the size of a grape, was created by a team from Houston Methodist. After the medication has been loaded into the device, it is implanted under the skin, where it will release the drugs in a controlled manner for up to a year before needing to be refilled. Changes in dosage amounts, if required, can be made by the doctor via a Bluetooth signal specific to the device.

According to Alessandro Grattoni, author of a paper on the research, "Some chronic disease drugs have the greatest benefit of delivery during overnight hours when it's inconvenient for patients to take oral medication. This device could vastly improve their disease management and prevent them from missing doses, simply with a medical professional overseeing their treatment remotely."

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